Student Online Vehicle Registration Procedures


Everyone parking on the EKU campus must have a parking permit. Parking permits cost $100 and are valid for the Academic Year.  The fee is charged to your student account and may be paid at Student Accounting Services, Room 210 in the Whitlock Building.

  • Commuting students receive a Brown Zone C permit and must park in the Zone C lots.
  • Residence Hall students receive a Blue Zone R permit and must park in the Zone R lots.
  • Residence Hall students receive a Green Zone Z permit and must park in the Zone Z lots, Park and Ride. 
  • The residential permit students will receive is dependent upon the date of registration. 

Frequently asked questions regarding student parking are listed and answered here.

To obtain your parking permit:

  1. Log onto EKU Direct
  2. On the main menu, click on the “Vehicle Registration” option.
  3. Select the correct permit type from the drop down menu and click "Continue".
  4. Select your primary vehicle from the “Registered Vehicles” list and click “Purchase Permit”. 
  5. If your vehicle is not listed, scroll down to “Add a Vehicle”.  Enter your vehicle information and click on “Add Vehicle”.  The next screen will now have the “Select a Vehicle”.  Click on your vehicle and click on “Purchase Permit”.  Click “OK”.   Please verify that all vehicle information is correct.
  6. The confirmation page will verify that you have purchased a permit. However, this confirmation page is NOT a parking permit and should not be displayed in your vehicle.

Commuter Permits must be picked up in the Parking Office.  If you are living in a Residence Hall and register your vehicle by August 8, 2017, your permit will be at your Residence Hall on Move In Day.  If you do not register by August 8, 2017 you will need to pick up your permit in the Parking Office. 

You will receive the Campus Parking Map & Vehicle Parking Regulations when you receive your permit. We also have an interactive parking map available online that includes Big E Transport schedules and routes.

Have questions or concerns not answered in our FAQ? Contact the Parking Office:  859-622-PARK (7275).