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Alternatives to Driving Alone at EKU

At EKU, as at many Universities, more people want to park on campus than there are parking places, and congestion from car traffic is a significant problem.  Driving alone may not be your best option for getting to and around campus.   What are your alternatives?

At EKU it is easy to carpool with a fellow student or co-worker either for daily commuting or for travel during breaks.

How to Carpool? 

  • It’s easy with EKU Rides, EKU’s online ride matching service! Go to to find EKU friends, classmates, and coworkers going the same way you are.  You can either offer rides or request rides. EKU Rides requires an email address. You can also sign in using your Facebook account if you are part of the EKU network.
  • You do not need to buy a special parking permit.  You simply need to display two regular permits (e.g. one hanging and one placed on the dash).
  • There is an average of 18 matches found per user, so you should not have trouble finding someone who lives near you.

Why Carpool?

  • Half price gas! The more people, the lower the price goes!
  • Shared expenses - Help your car! Gas is not your only car expense.  Carpoolers save on general wear and tear of their vehicles.
  • Get a good parking space!  Premium parking spaces are designated for carpoolers in the (Alumni Coliseum lot for students),  (Martin, Powell, Jones lots for staff and faculty).
  • Cleaner air, smaller footprint!  Fewer cars on the road means less of those nasty toxins to inhale, and less CO2 in the atmosphere!
  • Build community! Meet your neighbors; meet new people on campus! You might be surprised at how many of us are driving from the same place! 
  • Reduce cars on campus!  For every person who carpools, there is one less car backing up traffic and competing for those parking spots. 
  • Reduce Stress!   Save money, park easily, and Relax while your partner drives!
  • Reduce dependence on foreign oil and support your local economy!  Buying gas sends money to overseas oil companies.  Spend your money at local stores instead!
  • Ridesharing is caring! Help your colleagues (classmates) who need a lift!

Bike Paths and Racks

  • EKU has added bike lanes on Kit Carson Drive and University Drive. Bike racks are found throughout the campus.  Click here for a map showing bike path and bike rack locations.

Why bike or walk?

  • Get fit! The Surgeon General recommends 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week just to stay healthy, and more to lose weight or get in shape.  Incorporating biking and walking into your commute, and into your trips across campus will maintain fitness, and avoid the “freshman 15”!   Get your exercise on your way to class or work!
  • Get there faster! You may get to your class faster by walking or biking from home, from remote lots, or across campus than by driving during congested hours and circling for parking.
  • Reduce stress! Eliminate the stress of driving, traffic congestion and finding parking spaces.

Campus Cycling Services.

Campus Recreation has a FREE Bike Rental Program called RECycle.  Go to  Rent bikes for one month at a time.

Many people in the community enjoy biking as much as you; join a biking organization:

Big E Transport takes you from parking lots to campus, and between parts of campus.  EKU is often congested with cars, and there are significant emissions from the cars circling for “near campus” parking spaces, and from other on-campus driving and idling.  Big E Transport is part of the solution!  Click here for a complete look at the routes and times for Big E Transport.  Click here for a map of the campus shuttle stop locations. 

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