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General Regulations

Eastern Kentucky University provides parking as follows with parking permits that are color-coded to match sign(s) at parking lot entrances or on the roadways within the confines of the campus.

Parking on the grass, landscape areas, or on any other areas where parking would mar the landscape of the campus, create a safety hazard, or interfere with the use of University facilities is prohibited at all times.

Reserved spaces are enforced 24/7.

Parking areas are clearly outlined, and occupants must observe the confines of each space. Only one vehicle is permitted in each space except for motorcycles.

The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator. Lack of space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of these regulations. A permit does not guarantee parking in any specific lot or area.

Written notes placed on vehicles will not be accepted as a parking permit. In the event your vehicle has become disabled, you must call the EKU Parking & Transportation office immediately, giving location, make, model and license plate number of the disabled vehicle.

A temporary permit must then be obtained for the vehicle from the EKU Parking & Transportation Office, with a time limit of four (4) hours during the normal workday. Temporary permits are not available for vehicles that are disabled in the roadway, vehicles blocking traffic or vehicles creating a safety hazard. These vehicles must be moved within 15 minutes. Handwritten or typed notes of any type will not be honored as valid University parking permits.

Eastern Kentucky University reserves the right to restrict parking for special purposes or events.

Colors are used on curbs and lot surfaces as described below:

  • Yellow The color of yellow curbs/lines mean no parking anytime.
  • Red The color red curbs/lines mean fire lane, no parking any time.
  • Blue The color blue curbs/lines mean handicapped parking only.
  • White The color whitelines on lot surfaces mark the confines of parking spaces.

Parking of motor homes, recreational vehicles, trailers, boats or commercial vehicles for purpose of temporary living or storage is prohibited on campus.

Because of the need to provide required maintenance and repair to the parking facilities, the parking of vehicles for over 24 hours is prohibited during semester breaks without special permission from the Director for Parking and Transportation. Zone Z parking and all-year halls are exempt from this requirement.

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